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Car Lease Miami Florida

Many people have a hard time when looking to lease or buy a new car this is where Express Auto Lease steps in. We are lease and finance auto brokers. Everything goes through a dealership, from the credit check to the delivery of the car. We simply broker the best deal for you. There's absolutely NO difference between leasing the car from us or the dealership. The car maintains its warranty and service ability. The only difference is WE SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME AND THE HASSLE!


Many dealerships across the country realize they can make more money when they use Auto Brokers. For example, let's compare two different dealerships. We have dealership A. and dealership B. Dealership A. sells fifty cars a month to customers that would be considered a walk in customer. Dealership B not only sells 50 cars a month to walk in customers but they also sell 100 cars through a lease broker. So basically, in the eyes of the manufacturers, dealership B who sells 100 more cars a month is doing a much better job. Therefore the manufacturer rewards them with more benefits. Some of the benefits the dealership receives are lower prices, first pick at new cars, more funding, and co-op money. We have great relationships with most of these high volume dealerships.

Express Auto Lease Car Lease Miami Guide

Express Auto Lease Car Lease Miami Guide

These are the steps we recommend you take before leasing your new car.

A. Decide on your two favorite cars and two favorite colors. That way it's more likely at least one will be running a special that month.

B. Visit the dealership and test drive the car; make sure you love driving it.

C. When you're at the dealership, find out what options are available for car that interests you and take note of the name of the package I.E. P1, P2, Technology Package etc.

D. Find out the manufacturer suggested retail price also known as the MSRP of the vehicle. With your MSRP we will know exactly what options are in the car and its total value. That way when you compare the dealership and brokers prices, you will be comparing the price on same exact car. Apples to Apples with the same exact options!

E. Now that you picked your car and have your MSRP its time to get the best deal. Prior to leaving the dealership ask him for the lowest monthly payment and what's your total out of pocket (try to get a WRITTEN QUOTE).

F. When you leave the dealership give us a call 305-510-6563 or email for a quote - 99% of the time we are noticeably cheaper.

Hope this helped. If you have any further questions please email us


The Express Auto Lease Team

Welcome to Express Car Buying!!